2018 County Doorhanger Program


We're working to provide free endorsement list collateral to County Parties and we need you to sign up for the program! This will help us get our counts lined up to print and distribute weeks before ballots are mailed in October. Please read the FAQ's below, then fill out the form at the bottom the page if you have not done so.


- Mike Osborn

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I get into the program?
A: Click on the link and tell us how many you think you can distribute. Right now, we're just working to get the number of variations and counts so we can get our order. If you have questions, call the number below and talk to Chris.  If you've signed up, we'll reach out after August 1st for the next step.

Q:What do the door hangers look like?
A: The way the door hanger is designed, the front will include our statewide GOP candidates, endorsed propositions (CAGOP endorsed positions, and messages from our sponsors (more on this below).  The back side is a roughly 5x11 panel where we will take your custom text. including endorsed candidates from Congressional to local offices like School Board or Water District and everything in between. We also suggest putting county party or GOP HQ contact info.  We will get this text from you by the end of August, so don't worry if you don't have text ready now.

Q: What is a variation?
A: In some counties, there are too many endorsements to fit and County Parties choose to break it up into regions- for example, Ventura has historically done an east county and west county version- so in thinking about Ventura county, we'd do 2 variations and get two lists of text for the back of each.

Q: How many can I order?
A: Order what you think you can get out- there will only be one run, so let us know what you think your walkers can get out.  After we go to press, we can provide your artwork to you in PDF if you need to print your own at your own cost.

Q: How are these funded?
A: We take sponsorships from CAGOP endorsed statewide candidates or ballot measure positions only.  Those funds pay to make printing and distribution free to County Parties. In exchange, we give the candidate or measure a little more than 11 pt font on the front side (working on a statewide issue and want to sponsor us? Email Chris.)

Q: What is the schedule?
August 1, please have the link below filled out with your door hanger counts and variations. After that, we will talk to participating counties about submitting their text by Sept 1.  We hope to have flyers shipped to counties by Sept. 15 at latest!

Q: My County Party wont have an endorsement list by Sept 1, what can I do?
When we get to this part, give us what you can (Congressional, Senate, Assembly) and any other text you can (HQ address and contact information) and a website where you will post your endorsements. We will print what you give us, and you can use this as a way to drive traffic to your endorsement page if it won't be complete by our deadline.

Q: What if I have other questions? 
Contact:  Chris Collier, 805-766-4444, chris@rinconstrategies.com